Sicily tours

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If you have a passion for adventure, art, history or outdoor nature activities, this island offers any kind of experiences. Discover the most hidden and emotional corners and be dazzled by this land’s panoramas.

Discover Sicily with a Noto Valley tour, or visit the venues where “The Leopard” takes place with a special Palermo city tour. “The Leopard” by Tomasi di Lampedusa is an italian book, famous all over the world.

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Meet the local inhabitants and discover their generous, friendly and welcoming soul. Discover anecdotes, traditions, history and unique landscapes with one of the best tours of Sicily. Otherwise, choose an experience between art and history in the suggestive Agrigento Temples Valley! Explore Ancient Greece’s fascinating world.

Explore all Sicily hidden places and take back home both unforgettable memories and the desire of coming back to this wonderful island! :)

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