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Eco Tours

Brickscape brings you around the world with Eco-Tours: naturalistic and sustainable journeys!

You will discover unusual itineraries allover the world and live new adventures in the countries you love most, in a true and authentic way. Brickscape brings you to know also old routes with new eyes!

You will stay in an Eco lodge in the deep heart of Africa, in a banda in Kenya or in a yurts steeped in the colors of Kyrgyz steppe. You will be welcomed by the warmth of a local family. I will also be introduced by the local guides to the custumes and traditions of the host country.

Would you like to experience the daily life of another country?

With Eco-tours you can watch the sugar cane grinding in Costa Rica, the tobacco's processing in the Argentine plantations, the wine's production in the Andean regions. You will visit Buenos Aires by subway and busses, and sail the Rio Dulce of Central America on a motorie pirogue.You willenjoy the beauties of Balkans by crossing them on a train, the most authentic and panoramic way to discover them.

You will get in touch with local associations, enjoy a real family lunch feeling at home whenyou are on the other side of the world.Taste the typical dishes of the world in local markets, and you will get involved with the Caribe's authentic tropical atmosphere.

If you love nature, then you can live a real adventureby climbing a volcano in Central America, or exploring a fjord in Northern Europe, stopping in front of the breath taking scenery of Myanmar, go trekking in the less known island of Greece, or spend your Easter holidays in the country of "screaming stones".

Become a real traveler! Join Brickscape's Eco tours for the next voyage on the top of the world!

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