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Do you like Italian cooking? Would you like to try the authentic local gastronomy of a particular town or region? Would you like to learn how to cook traditional dishes? Brickscape has the answer for you.

All know that Italy is noted for good food, but Brickscape knows how to put in the added value of company and sharing.

Indeed, with Brickscape, you can tour Italy and find yourself at the table in a different place each time, to discover a universe of ever different knowledge and flavours, always in the company of new people. Quality dishes and gastronomic offers to be tasted as a family, in welcoming locales, and even on sailing ships anchored a long way from those tourist traps. The added value is to do so with pleasant and smiling company, people who know how to describe what you are eating and to explain how to make it. Our Italian friends and partners introduce different experiences every day and their imagination is honestly quite inexhaustible. Families, enthusiasts, chefs, but also producers and growers could welcome you to extraordinary places, explaining their everyday work to you, with passion.

With Brickscape, you can choose the best produce, try the best wines of Italy, or the best beers. You can taste wines, beers, grappa, olive oils and much more, as well as learning how to choose the best products and why. You could learn to cook dishes in the bosom of tradition, dishes that you would never find in any restaurant, or learn how to cook typical sweetmeats, discover how to decorate a table or how cheeses are made, or wines, liqueurs and much more. Because, with Brickscape, all the traditions of the consumer are put aside, you could become a producer yourself! And to learn in the company of others is the most wonderful and amusing thing in the world.

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