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Food and wine

All Italy food and wine tradition in one experience such as Cooking class, show cooking, food tours, culinary weekends!

Do you like Italian cuisine? Would you like to try local food and wine  of a particular town or region? Would you like to learn how to cook traditional dishes? 

Choose  an italian culinary weekend and discover marvelous places where you enjoy scenic views while you taste a good glass of italian wine.

Have an eating Italy tour! Spend a visit in the Chianti area and discover the most magnificent Tuscany places While you pedal a bike or drive an iconic Old Fashioned Fiat 500. Discover the Langhe Area participating in a special truffle hunting trip or visiting the world famous Barolo Wineries. 

Chefs, with their Cooking Class,  but also producers and growers welcome you to extraordinary places, explaining with passion their everyday work to you.

If you want to bring home some Italian food and wine flavor,  there is no better foodie souvenir than the skill to prepare a phenomenal Italian dish wherever you live. So take part in a top Cooking class or in a special eating italy tour, the best way to acquire the traditional italian culinary savvy! 

Find out "food tours'' experience that suits you better, learn how to cook and eat like a local!

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