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Brickscape collects offers of all types, organized by local experts who propose activities, tours, excursions and lessons in the world of their own passions. The events often change, and every day, you will be able to find new and tempting suggestions for your free time.

Find out what to do today! A country fair, an exhibition, the most attractive activities of Italy and all the musical, culture and art events, to experience your journey more fully.

And if that is not enough... you can experiment with oriental practices, take an unusual tour of one of the many marvellous hamlets and towns of Italy, follow a really special painting course, learn the art of gardening or take a cooking course at an establishment or tourism farm house with expert personnel, or even cook together with the local people.

You will be able to experience your holiday in the spirit of imagination, culture, relaxing, yet also adding that touch of personality to your trip! Amongst the many Brickscape proposals, you could experiment with holistic journeys and techniques, or follow sporting disciplines, or those for relaxing, with qualified instructors.

The events and experiences on a Brickscape journey will allow you to meet new people, consolidate friendships and to find new stimuli. You may choose to stay at a venue, or simply take part in the experiences they propose. You are free to manage your time as you wish!

Each event is a moment for sharing information and is dependant only on your wish to take part. The experiences are based on the sharing of knowledge and are born of your wish to experiment...

Be it for a long holiday or a short trip, a weekend or a month, you could find the event which would suit you with a simple click. And if you prefer not to stray from home, you could easily find something not too far away. Each event is an experience and on BrickScape it could unfold every day, even near you.

Make your holiday unique, discover the events and experiences on a Brickscape journey!

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