Amazing farm experience in italy

Italian Country side is an unique set of marvelous aspects: landscape, agricolture, easy life, ancient flavors, culture and the wisdom of its inhabitants.

With BrickScape, Italian farms open their doors to tell you unique stories and show you how wine, oil, fruits, Vegetables and cheese are made. Here you can not only taste delicious food but also learn how to cook them.

Be the protagonist of the Italian countryside lifestyle! On brickScape you will find your way to do it!

You can choose between dinners based on Biological (Zero Km) Products, living exciting adventures between stable and open country in out of time villages. You can follow trekking paths, as well as mountain bike trails, to listen to the ancient season rhythm and discover places where man has passed very few times. You can chose to enjoy Bareback Riding lessons or, even more, learning how to milk cows and goats to make Grotta Cheese.

Live a night, an afternoon, an entire day or at least a week with locals it is an unique and unforgettable experience that can change your life, by slowing down your day by day rhythm!

Do you love animals?? You can learn how to know them and discover all their secrets, following the farmers truthfulness and wisdom.

You can do it with Brickscape!

Here, in the Italian Country, you will find the Italian grandfathers flavors, sometime lost,but instead alive in the passion of people who already live in the name of tradition!

Homemade bread, pulled by hand pastas, vegetables taken directly from the garden, cheeses wisely aged; mixed with precious wines: This is Italian country business card, the access gateway for an unique and fascinating world. Discover it with us!

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