Are you ready for a journey in the hearth of ARTs and Beauties?

Are you ready to create and experience? Our Workshop Labs are waiting for you!

Retrace with us years of histories, myths and legends walking with us into the alleys of this thousand faces rich Italy. You will discover the ancient traditions of small villages, castles and strongholds.

Handcraft and Artistic Professions
In Piacenza, you will be guided in a Neolithic village and you will be in touch with the ancient techniques like the flint chipping, weaving, cooking food and even  the production of a real ceramic work.

In Calabria region, you will take a trip in to the silk, discovering this millenary art inside a marvelous castle surrounded by pristine places where the nature reigns.

In this out of time realities, every workshop lab will be an unique experience of sharing and growth.
Brickscape will guide you deep inside carpentry, tailoring and cooking artisan laboratories. Everything will be lived with noble souls peoples, who have the desire to share with you their hidden and prestigious art knowledge
Inside National Parks Nature becomes the perfect open-air workshops scenario: Birdwatching, Didactic Activities and cooking lessons in a farmyard.
Have you a strong creative vein? Are you an Art History Lover? Brickscape will take you insde the most innovative art museums and will tease your curiosity you with Historical and Cultural Quiz-Tour!

If you want amaze with an unusual gift, do not miss up a Workshop Lab Experience!

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