Mini cruises

Brickscape helps you to live the experience to be lulled by the waves and being transported by the currents to a lot of dream destinations.

You will sail aboard a beautiful boat, furrowing Capo Rizzuto shore side to admire the magnificent calabrian beaches with their white or black sands.

You will experience unique moments during a mini-cruise in the upper Tyrrhenian sea surrounded by nature and history. Sail to “Grotte di Rizzo” in one of the most beautiful Calabrian area. You will furrow the waters that Saracens, Normans, Greeks and Romans forrowed first.

It will be time to immerse yourself in the splendid transparent “Cape Bonifati“ sea and spend a magical moment!

Brickscape invites you to explore the shore side, where the Ionian Sea runs in to the Mediterranean Sea. We will anchor in the deep south of Sicilian sea,where “Vendicari Natural Reserve” navigable water has its limit.

So we will discover where Roman columns lie on the seabed,covered by sponges, hedgehogs and starfish.You will cross Capo Passero Island to admire the sunset heading west. In a different way, you will choose to circumnavigate Pantelleria. This fascinating vulcanic island is lapped byclear waters, sun-kissed and imbued with the uncontaminated charm of nature and historic architectures .

This will be the right time for snorkeling in the natural reserveblue water ,enjoyalunch on board with lots of fun and music.If you would like to sail silently choose an electric boat excursion along “Canale delle Saline” in Cervia to discover the whitegold, Cervia Saltand taste local products.

Spend some time on a sailboat, experience the magical way to discover unique placesand admire the landscapes from sea perspective.

An unbelievable experience!

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