Pistoia mountains and the Apennines

Porrettana Express and Mountain Travel Experiences

Discover the treasures of the Pistoia mountains and the Apennines with Brickscape.

Going up from the city of Pistoia you can make many itineraries through history, culture and nature!

You will arrive in Pracchia in fronto of the mountains: the crossroads of hundreds of itineraries, where you can choose from many opportunities for trekking, cycling and cultural visits.

How do you get to Pracchia?

Easy! From September to November you can arrive in Pracchia with an historic train! The Porrettana Express train is the most fascinating way to reach the mountains and the Apennines from the city of Pistoia, in the heart of Tuscany.

You can experience getting on a historic train with the original 100 door wagons, made entirely of wood and discover the ancient Porrettana Railway. A journey of times gone by, slow and regenerating.

The Porrettana Railway is a true jewel of mid-nineteenth century engineering. It was the first railway connection between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna. A great undertaking for the time, considering the difference in height of more than 500 meters to be overcome.

Once in Pracchia you can choose to do plenty of experiences: hiking or mountain biking, bathing in mountain rivers, historical and cultural routes promoted by the Ecomuseo della Montagna Pistoiese with valid local guides.

The mountain has maintained and handed down places, knowledge and traditions that can still be heard and relived today. You will be able to see a traditional mill for the production of chestnut flour, participate in the beating of iron in an ironworks, visit the ice-houses and museums.

Orsigna, a small village near Pracchia is also the town of the famous writer Tiziano Terzani and you can visit the places that inspired it.

Among the Brickscape proposals you will find the places to visit, the structures where to stay, where you can relax and recover your energy.

The train conductor is whistling, the train is about to leave! What are you waiting for? The Pistoia mountain is waiting for you, step aboard the Porrettana Express!

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