Discover outdoor activities and new itinerary!

Brickscape will guide you on the best trekking path. You will be fascinated by Etruscan History in Veterbese Tuscia or even better by the most suggestive places in Umbria heart as in Gran Paradiso National Park.
You will live the authentic Sardinia, you will discover the Molisan dream mountains, you will feel the magical Salento sea side natural beauties during a boat trip, or a walk in Tuscan “Maremma” country side.

Take a chance during this Summer and do not miss the opportunity to spend a relaxing weekend surrounded by nature… Do not miss a romantic picnic after an horse ride and indulge yourself the feeling of sleeping in a house over a tree!

Share your happiness in nature with your family: be in the saddle for the first time or discover the farm life with immersive workshops.

Brickscape wants to surprise and emotion you showing wonderful spots and incredible landscapes all over Italy. A motorbike tour will permits you to discover secret Tuscan country sides, like: Maremma, the famuous Chianti Area, and the less known but extremely beatifu Lunigiana Area. But not only,  at the end you live the thrill of a day “as real pilot”, driving fast cars in Maranello (Ferrari Test) Speedway! You will try also the experience of driving a 4wd into the paths of Madonie National Forest as well as in Ticino National Park.

If you hunting for new challenges with new travel mates and experienced guides, you are in the right place!

Brickscape is the answer to everyone who looks for great emotions and breathtakin’ adventures.

With a large proposal of sports like: rafting into spectacular mountain canyons, parachute launches, bike downhill, hot air balloon sightseen. Along Alps, PreAlps and Apennine mountains are waiting for you many adventure parks fulfilled with suspended paths and trails, zip-lines, and Tibetan bridges!

Take a look on our travel ideas and think about the emotions you can live with us!

With Brickscape you will live unique moments with your friends… Moments that will leave you indelible memories! The proof of the pudding is in the eating!


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