3 Ways For Your Green Experiential Tourism by Brickscape! When you opt for an eco-accommodation, you opt for the respect of the Earth, the ecosystems and the communities who live there. For these reasons we suggest you three ways for your eco-friendly experiential tourism.

3 Ways For Your Green Experiential Tourism by Brickscape! – Eco-friendly holidays are becoming a trend which is constantly growing. More and more people choose experiences far from niche tourism, responsible and with a low environmental impact. The environmental pollution, in fact, is a topic which is touching more and more hearts. Brickscape allow you to live your holidays in a different way!

Soggiorni Esperienziali Green? Ecco la Top 5 di Brickscape

Soggiorni Esperienziali Green? Ecco la Top 5 di Brickscape

1. Castle or Scattered Hotel

How many times, when we were children, our parents laid in bad beside us to read a story, while we were traveling with our mind in those fairytale scenarios. If you wish to open this drawer of memory, an accommodation in a Castle or in a Scattered Hotel is what you need.

In a Castle you can spend time surrounded by nature and woods to explore or visiting its ancient wineries to taste its typical wines. You can also discover the history of the family who lived there and, if you will be lucky, you will meet the descendants. For instance, Umbria is a soul which reserves dream castles, with thousands years of history to tell. Such as Castello Petroia in Gubbio, where you can have relax in a romantic atmosphere, or Castello Giomici, close to Perugia, a medieval fortress rich in mysteries that you can find out.

A Scattered Hotel, instead, is a multi-building hotel with breathtaking landscapes and ancient alleys, where you can appreciate history, nature and culture. From your accommodation, in fact, it is possible to discover the secrets of the Scattered Hotel, through wine tasting tours, nature trails, such as trekking or horse riding or through sport trails, riding a bike. You can also allow yourself a regenerating bath under the waterfalls in Montefeltro, at the Borgo Storico Cisterna or a canoe trip at the Scattered Hotel in Campolattaro. This kind of experience will make you live a few days of total relax, catapulted in the Middle Ages. You will have to give up on modern comfort, but you will be surrounded by thick walls, which will keep cold in summer and hot in winter, perhaps with a cup of hot chocolate in your hands, a blanket over your legs, in front of the relaxing atmosphere of a fireplace.

Soggiorni Esperienziali Green? Ecco la Top 5 di Brickscape

Soggiorni Esperienziali Green? Ecco la Top 5 di Brickscape

2. Tree House or Mountain Hut

If you are a nature and adventure lover, an accommodation in a tree house or in a mountain hut could be the answer for your eco-friendly experience. Who has never dreamed, as a child, a little house built in the branches of a tree in his own garden? Today this dream can came true! Here you can be in contact with the nature, isolated from the rest of the world. Regenerate yourself suspended on the balcony, drinking a good glass of wine and appreciating the silence around you. You can explore the paths around, such us those who surround the tree house in Rosigliano, Calabria, that will take you to the Lara river and to the “acquaro” (a typical wall 60 meters long, declared in 2018 Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO).

In a mountain hut, instead, you will be surrounded by mountains and wilderness and you will can breath deeply a fresh and healthy air. For those who are looking for a few days of peace it is possible to walk in attractive paths, dipped in the nature and then enjoy a good meal made with 0 km products. For the adventurers, instead, mountaineering, climbing and ski will be the activities that will make you live an unforgettable experience. For instance, at the Rifugio Guido Muzio, in the Gran Paradiso National Park, you can try all the things above mentioned, immerse in the great mountains in an unique scenario, all to be discovered. Let you lulled into this experience, it will be an escape from the usual hustle and bustle.

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Soggiorni Esperienziali Green? Ecco la Top 5 di Brickscape

3. Farmhouse

Often we are too caught up in a busy world that we forget about the little and simple values. If you would like to start again right from the important values, you could spend a few days in a farmhouse. For instance at Stella Orobica, in Sondrio, you can have the possibility to enter in farmer’s world and to be close to flora and fauna in the Parco delle Orobie Valtellinesi.

In this kind of accommodation you can help the locals to manage the farm, looking after animals, picking the eggs and discovering how is produced food for daily use, such as wine, olive oil and cheese. You will appreciate the sustainability typical of those places, the good organic products, simple and natural, cultivated with care and love. You will live the nature one hundred percent and you will come back at your house with more awareness about the real important values.

3 Ways For Your Green Experiential Tourism by Brickscape