The Via Francigena, a cool adventure to discover Tuscany. Are you looking for an experience between adventure and nature? You are on the right way. Brickscape allow you to explore Tuscany from an alternative point of view, walking the Via Francigena. We are going to discover wonderful landscapes, old villages, city of art, and many unknown corners.

The Via Francigena, a cool adventure to discover Tuscany – An itinerary which passes through centuries of history. It is an ancient path which lets you discover, step by step, endless corners of a glorious past.

The via Francigena

Via Francigena is an ancient path, which since 1000 AD leads pilgrims in Rome. It runs from France to the Capital of Italy, where the faithful proceeded towards Apulia, place of ports of embarkations for the Holy Land.

Over 1000 km of paths in Italy that let you discover one of the most beautiful artistic and cultural heritage.

Via Francigena in Tuscany

The tuscan itinerary is constituted by 15 steps. You can explore it by foot, bike or horseback, living a spiritual, historical, cultural, artistic and enogastronomic adventure and discovering old towns, wineries, ancient churches and landscapes which tells centuries of history and emotions.

The route starts in the woods of Lunigiana (close to Lucca), continues in Pietrasanta, passing through the hills of Versilia, until arrives in Lucca (city famous for its walls built between 1504 and 1648 AD). From there the way goes back in San Miniato (known for white truffle) and goes on until San Gimignano towers (a small medieval hill town famous for wine). Then the route crosses the town of Monteriggioni to arrive in Siena (proclaimed by UNESCO a World Heritage Site, known for a horse race named Palio). Lastly the path passes through Amiata (a lava dome complex) and Val d’Orcia and goes on in the region of Lazio until to arrive at destination, Rome.

Alla scoperta della Toscana. Sui sentieri della via Francigena!

Alla scoperta della Toscana. Sui sentieri della via Francigena!

Main points of interests step by step

1: From Passo della Cisa to Pontremoli

19 km, 5 hours by foot. You can discover woods, medieval villages and castles. Once arrived in Pontremoli, it is very interesting the labyrinth in S. Pietro Church, symbol of pilgrimages in the Holy Land.

2: From Pontremoli to Aulla

33 km, 8 hours by foot. Paths, woods and landscapes will bring you to Pieve di Sorano and to the mysterious Castello Malaspina. Lastly you will arrive in San Caprasio Abbey, built in 884 AD in Aulla.

3: From Aulla to Sarzana- Avenza

33 km, 8 hours by foot. From towns, fortresses and Lunigiana Castles until views of the sea and Tuscan coast.

4: Form Avenza to Pietrasanta

28 km, 6 hours by foot. Here one of the most wonderful landscapes, a contrast among the imposing peaks of Alpi Apuane, the sea and the hills decorated by vineyards and olive trees. From Massa, famous for its marble quarries, the route arrives in Pietrasanta, called the little Tuscan Athens, where worldwide artists beautify the city with their installations.

5: From Pietrasanta to Lucca

32 km, 7.5 hours in the heart of Versilia. From the hills of Pietrsanta you will arrive in Camaiore, where, in its old town, you can admire the ancient Badia. Then you will enter in Lucca from the ancient door of San Donato. In Lucca you can visit the ancient walls, the Guinigi tower, the Cathedral and know about the mysterious story of Volto Santo of Lucca.

6-7: From Lucca to San Miniato

43 km, 10 hours by foot. Along the Arno river, the Francigena reaches Capannori and San Quirico. Then Altopascio, where pilgrims stayed. The route goes on to the 7th step, Ponte Mediceo, to cross an ancient swampy area with many old towns. The destination is San Miniato, a suggestive medieval village.

8-9: From San Miniato to San Gimignano

37 km, 9 hours by foot. Here the Francigena pass through the hills of Val d’Elsa, among fortresses, abbeys and castles and you can have relax in the thermal water of Gambassi.

During the 9th step you can visit the Pancole Sanctuary, to arrive then in Pieve di Cellole. Lastly San Gimignano, with its two towers, is one of the most intact and original medieval old town of Tuscany.

10-11: From San Gimignano to Siena

51 km, 13 hours by foot. This route is considered one of the most beautiful and is the symbol of Tuscany with its countries. Then the walls of Monteriggioni, a medieval town famous for its towers.

During the 11th step you can visit one of the most beautiful and fascinating city of Italy, Siena. The Cathedral, Piazza del Campo, which is the scenario of the Palio and Santa Maria della Scala Hospital, in the past a refuge for pilgrims, are worth of visit.

12: From Siena to Ponte d’Arbia

30 km, 7 hours by foot. In this stretch of Francigena you will find less vineyards and olive trees and more wheat fields. You can also admire Crete Senesi, literally “Senese Clay”, where the clay in the soil gives a typical grey coloration to the landscape, an appearance usually described as lunar. Then, surrounded by Crete Senesi, a succession of fortified villages.

Alla scoperta della Toscana. Sui sentieri della via Francigena!

Alla scoperta della Toscana. Sui sentieri della via Francigena!

13: From Ponte d’Arbia to San Quirico

27 km, 6 hours by foot. The landscape is surrounded by wheat fields, sunflowers and vineyards. An ancient stop is the city of Buonconvento, Here you can admire the natural and artistic spectacle of Val d’Orcia.

14: From San Quirico to Radicofani

33 km, 7 hours by foot. In this stretch the main characters are hills with their thermal springs, such as Bagno Vignoni e Bagni San Filippo. Worth of visit: the little fortified village Vignoni and the historic centre of Castiglione d’Orcia, with the Rocca di Tentennano tower.

15: From Radicofani to Acquapendente

32 km, 7 hours by foot. The last stretch of Francigena is surrounded by typical and breathtaking landscapes, such as the view from Monte Amiata, Ponte a Rigo, Paglia river valley until to arrive in Acquapendente.

One way, a thousand faces of Tuscany

Discovering Tuscany through the Via Francigena is an amazing idea if you are a nature and adventure lover!

Each stop is an unique and original journey in the art, culture, history, flavors and landscapes that make Tuscany famous all over the world. Each step, a beauty to explore.

This is an idea to discover hidden corners of Italy and to value italian cultural, artistic, natural and gastronomic heritage, which is priceless, wonderful and fascinating.

The via Francigena has a magic aurea that surround the ancient beauty, it is an opportunity to live Italy with fresh eyes, a cultural and adventurous experience in the Italian nature spectacle.

Alla scoperta della Toscana. Sui sentieri della via Francigena!

Alla scoperta della Toscana. Sui sentieri della via Francigena!

The Via Francigena, a cool adventure to discover Tuscany by Brickscape.