Guided hiking in Italy

Choose from hundreads of hard or light activities. The best hiking activities in Italy are expecting you! Find out yours!

Dive into wild scenarios in the heart of Lazio or spot grazing herds and lone wolves  in the places of transhumance in Abruzzo! Immerse yourself in Mount Etna lunar landscape or in the typical rugged rocks of Italian Islands. Imagine how can be exciting to explore a territory with your own feet, along with people who share your same passion.

Find out your hiking: hard or light it’s the right way to discover Italy!

More adventures are waiting for you in Tuscany and Umbria wonderful hills. You will be enchanted by their landscapes and feel like you’ve stepped into a wonderful painting. Bring with you your family! These are outdoor activities for adults and children! From light hiking to hard and difficult routes, here you can find experiences for every taste!

What are you waiting for?

Stand up from that seat, there are so many beautiful things to do outside!